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Industry Integration

Industry Integration is a process of integrating academic curriculum of a course with the Industry requirements in such a way that the end product becomes a useful input for the Industry.

Industry Integration is the unique aspect of these programmes which not only differentiates our programmes from all other but isbeneficial to student as well as the industry .This concept is different from traditional management education.To understand Integration let us understand the TRADITIONAL Management qualification .

In traditional management qualification at under graduate or post graduate level the typical set up would consist of a ular

college having infrastructure & facilities .There will be class room teaching as per the curriculum, regular test, personality development & other facilities.

What is lacking in a traditional setup is limited industry interface of only two months summer training in an industry and hence once the student pass outs from the college & joins an industry he has almost nil or limited industry experience , he learns on the job and while learning on the job he struggles to understand organization , procedures , application of known management Concepts & then looks forward to growth after 2 to 3 years.

On the other hand Industry has to deal with a fresh recruit who has no knowledge about the industry apart from what he has learnt In the text books.In the absence of structured induction & training department & everyone busy With his / her job it takes a much longer time to train a person ,make him comfortable & start getting output from him / her.

On the contrary in Industry Integrated education system where a student after learning basic management concept takes up training in an industry of his desired specialization for 3-4 days in a week as a regular employee under the guidance of an internal guide from the institute & an external guide from the Industry .In this system he is able to apply class-room knowledge at his work place & can discuss work place situations with other students & can also seek solutions of the same with his/ her faculty.

The net result is a perfect integration of class room learning with the work place performance leading to a roughly two years experience in case of Under Graduate Programmes & one year experience in case of Post Graduation Programmes.It is a win -win situation where a graduate or post graduate does not approach industry with only the degree or diploma but with relevant experience and not with the fresher tag. He\ She is also in a position to demand higher salaries than their traditional Management qualified colleagues that leads to faster growth and achievement of personal & organization objectives.

It is a win -win situation for organizations too as organization receives a management qualified trained & experienced candidate who need lesser or almost negligible time to settle in the job & who would start giving output or contribution much faster or almost instantaneously thus achieving department & organization objectives .

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