Explore Different Career Options

Under the Junior MBA program, students will get options on various career options for their desired career.

Build Business Acumen

Students will gain an in-depth understanding of a company's business strategy and how it may influence it.

Interactive Activities

Candidates will be exposed to different activities that will heighten their thoughts and implore them to participate.

Real-life Case Studies

Attain case studies based on real situations that shape students' thought processes.

Understand the workings of Corporate House

Candidates will learn about the marketing approach and strategy of corporate culture.

Kalinga - Turning Your Dreams Into Reality Your Vision Into Action

Kalinga University is a world-class centre for talent development and knowledge creation for a thriving and diverse society.
Take the first step in your dream career by joining our Junior MBA program and see how life-turning the experience will be.
From meeting students to interacting with professors, and participating in activities to indulging in experiments, get exposed to various amenities that will help you understand yourself better to make a wise career choice.

About Kalinga University

Kalinga University, Naya Raipur, has become a centre of excellence for higher education. This university, which has a prime location in New Raipur's Smart City, has begun to carve a name for itself in the field of education and is emerging as a bright spot on the horizon of top-notch education.

Its academics, faculties, and infrastructure have made it a destination for many students to carve their potential and be the tunnel of their growth. Offering renewed courses by prominent professors that shape the student's thoughts for a brighter and more brilliant future, Kalinga University takes pride in being a dynamic spot for aspirants.

Students are urged to develop innovative project ideas and experiments as part of a hands-on learning method.

Per Participant - Rs1000/-

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Kalinga is an unforgettable experience that focuses on the overall development of Students. Various other clubs and societies allow students to demonstrate their talent and learn from specialists.

Its cutting-edge technology and quality academics has made it a preferable choice among many candidates to foresee their bright future.