UI UX design Careers!

This is the best time to pursue a career in UX. Choosing from the top UI UX design careers would get you interesting work and put you in high demand. Any UI UX design careers have a straight and straightforward pathway, with the proper training and exposure. And if you are at a point to switch your job, this can become an exciting venture.
Applicants are often asked the question, what is UX design? Well, UX stands for user experience, which Don Norman devised in 1993. UX Design is a vast and multidisciplinary field that encompasses various elements that determine a user’s feelings while communicating with a product. If you have ever wondered why certain apps give you a delightful experience, while a few frustrate you, the answer lies in user experience design.
The most sought after career amongst UI UX design careers is that of a UX designer. Working as a UX designer involves research, testing, project management and business analysis, and design tasks such as wireframing and prototyping. However, what I described is a generalist view of the profile. The average UX designer salary in India is around ₹1010,098. (Source:  Payscale ) This post will talk about UI/UX design course and UX design jobs to further your comprehension of several UI UX design careers.

UI/UX design course

Before 2013 India was not attentive when we talk about an online presence. However, in the last eight years, things have changed drastically. Given that we live in a digital era now, any organisation selling a product or service without an online presence doesn’t exist for the users. A website or app becomes the organisation’s face representing the brand to build fluent and flawless connections with the consumer. Therefore, creating a delightful user experience becomes very critical. This has made a huge gap that can be filled by candidates willing to pursue a UI UX design course scope for UI/UX professionals in this field is immense.
I want to mention a few of the UI/UX design course(s) available, along with the list of the top institutions where one can pursue these courses to further their UI UX design careers.

Here is a list of a few UI UX design careers:

UX design jobs

The UX design umbrella covers a vast array of specialist roles. The jobs that fall under this umbrella are gaining popularity as some of the most in-demand careers out there. Several organisations are onboarding UX professionals to help them develop more reliable products.

Here are some UI UX design careers that you can explore:

User Researcher

User Researchers gather data to understand the user’s needs and develop insights about how the product can be better for the user. They generally engage with users to collect insights, analyse the findings, and use that data to make critical suggestions for improvement in the design.

Visual Designer (or UI Designer)

A Visual Designer or UI designer is tasked with employing user experience principles to take wireframes and UX research and creates various mockups of the design, keeping in mind the brand standards. It is giving the design a look that would suit the product and please the customer. Becoming a visual designer allows one to gain an in-depth understanding of how users interact with products.

Information Architect

Information architects present information on an app or website in an orderly fashion that is easier for the user to understand. Their primary focus is to determine how to organise and display the information, the user flow, and how to get the users to engage with information. They often work with personas and are involved during the construction of wireframes and prototypes for a project.

Interaction Designer

Interaction designers map out interactions to build intuitive prototypes of a product to conduct usability testing, assessing the UX. Apps and websites require users to interact with them to improve the issues with that specific version of the prototype.

Usability Analyst

Usability Analysts are focused on finding the existing issues with the design and recognising the problems users might encounter when interacting with the product. Their role in figuring out the success rate, error rate, and user’s subjective satisfaction is ongoing to make sure that the product performs its intended goals and helps users in the best way possible.

UI/UX Developer

A UI/UX developer has a two-part job – one as a designer and the other as a developer. Their role combines UX and UI design with front-end development skills like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The exact role of a UI/UX developer may vary depending on the organisation. Like in an SME, they may be responsible for the product’s design and development process, whereas, in an MNC, they may serve as a link between the design and developer teams.

UX Writer

Amongst all the various UI UX design careers, this is the most exciting role as it is a blend of UX design, copywriting, and branding. A UX writer’s responsibilities are to devise a UX editorial strategy and crafts  microcopy , ensuring that every text encountered by the user guides and facilitates them in their journey. UX writers incorporate UX design principles with a pinch for copywriting, understanding the user’s needs whilst representing the brand’s tonality. They write all microcopy – from welcome screens and CTA buttons to error messages and form fields.
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