About the Fest

Sports Fest is conducted annually by the University with a series of Indoor & Outdoor games which enjoys massive participation from students and staff members. The Annual Sports fest has enthusiastic participation from the students. Every event is well attended with sizable audience for each event. This year Sports Fest will be held from 21st Feb 2023 to 23rd Feb 2023 and below are the list of events: Kabaddi (Men & Women) Tug of war (Men & Women) Table Tennis (Men & Women) Athletics (Men & Women) Pool (Men & Women) Kho-Kho (Men & Women) Cricket (Men & Women) Chess (Men & Women) Badminton (Men & Women) Football (Men) Basketball (Men & Women) Volleyball (Men) Carrom (Men & Women) Three Leg Race (Men & Women)

Attendees Profile

The event will be attended by the students from various parts of the country. Apart from this, students from countries like Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, South Korea, South Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe will also be present. Students from various other Colleges and Universities will also participate in the Sports fest.

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● Sponsors will be guaranteed unmatched visibility among all the participants as well as the audience for the whole duration of the fest.

● Publicity of the fest will extend across the campus through posters, banners etc.

● The events are well-promoted in local media. Unlike trade fairs and exhibitions, these fests and events are also wellattended and are considered quite successful.

● Logo placement in event brochures, flyers for the fests, websites, social media marketing, online and offline campaigns will make your brand familiar to thousands of individuals associated with the event directly or indirectly .

● Our crowd will be consisting of students from various parts of India, giving our sponsors an opportunity to establish a diverse customer base.

● Aiming over 500 participants in the age group of 18-30, this fest can be a golden opportunity for promoting your brand.

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Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship Amount Rs 1,00,000/- Rs 50,000/- Rs 25,000/-
Brand Promotion Promotion as TITLE Sponsor on all Fest Related Material/Regular announcements about title sponsors, Entrance Gate branded completely by title sponsors, Slideshows through projectors, Privilege to organize an event on location (T&C apply), Backdrop, Posters on University's Notice Boards & other Regular announcement throughout the Fest collaterals., Backdrops/ Regular announcements throughout the Fest
Booth Space/ Canopy 2 2 1
Standees 5 3 1
Digital Media Prominent Display Prominent Display Basic Display
Branding at Website Banner Display Banner Display Banner Display

Individual Sponsorship Package

S.No Sponsorship Options Price
1 Standee (6*2.5) or (6*4) Rs 2000/-
2 Logo on Backdrop/banner Rs 5000/-
3 Banner on Website Rs 2000/-
4 Canopy/Booth Space Rs 5000/-
5 Product Display Rs 5000/-
6 Posters on University's Notice Boards Rs 1000/-
7 Display on Digital Media Rs 1000/-
8 Video Film Display to Participants ** Rs 5000/-
9 Specific Event Name (Sponsor a particular event like Prize Distribution Sponsor or Games Sponsor) Rs 5000/-
10 Specific Winner (Sponsor 1st , 2nd or 3rd winner) Rs 5000/-
11 1 Standee + Logo on Backdrop/banner+ Canopy/Booth Space Rs 10,000/-

** The duration of the Video should be of maximum 5 Minutes

Bank Details

Account Name: Kalinga University
Account Number: 390701000010

Social Media Exposer

Through our direct social media channels like University website as well as our large array of media partners around the globe –We are in a position to reach a very valuable demographic skewing towards consumers with a full-time job and relatively high income. These individuals are big spenders on digital media subscriptions.

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    Our Twitter account gathers a large community. To communicate, we will post about the program but also exclusive content such as Tweets about the sponsors redirecting to the link of your choice can also be made.

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    We have our YouTube channel and that have more than 2.74K subscribers and, depending on the sponsorship level, sponsors logo will be displayed on the channel but also on each of the video published.

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