National Webinar on Understanding stereotypesand breaking them

National Webinar On Understanding Stereotypes and Breaking Them: The Mahabharat Context


Branding Self and my university to the world


Business Law Buzz on Case Study Analysis on Consumer Protection Act


National Webinar On Emerging Trends of Biotechnology in context to Indian Agriculture

27 Mar
Departmental Activity on Quiz(Based on Specialization)
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27 Mar
National Webinar on Entrepreneurship Through Controlled Environment Cultivation Practices: Hydroponics & Green House Technology
27 Mar
National Webinar on IOT & industrial IOT Application Development

Workshop On Entrepreneurial Development Skills

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26 Mar
Webinar on Smart Manufacturing System
23 Mar
Webinar on Skill acquisition and development for Career Building in mass media and communication
22.03.2021 Arts & Humanities
22 Mar
National Webinar on indian budget analysis 2021-2022
20.03.2021 Arts & Humanities news anchor webinaar-page-001
20 Mar
Workshop on news reporting
20 Mar
Debate competition on poverty and social justice in india
20 Mar
Presentation based on -current trends in civil engineering
20.03.2021 Women Cell
20 Mar
health and wellness seminar om let’s defeat breast cancer together
20.03.2021 Pharmacy
20 Mar
webinar on research paper writing skills
19.03.2021 Arts & Humanities dept sociology_page-0001
19 Mar
national webinar on inequality, deprivation , human rights & justice
17.03.2021 Engineering
17 Mar
webinar on skill development skills to build strong personality
16.03.2021 Com. & Manag.
16 Mar
Management learning from movies
16.03.2021 Engineering EXPERT LECTURE_page-0001 (1)
16 Mar
how to write research paper
13.03.2021 Arts & humanities
13 Mar
हिंदी विभाग द्वारा आयोजिऑनलाइन संगोष्ठी शीर्षक-गांधी दर्शन की प्रसंगिकता
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20 Feb
Writing Competition Under  amartya sen chair on poverty and social economic Status of tribes in india
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20 Feb
Webinar Under Amartya Sen Chair On The Socio- Economic Status of Backward Classes in India
19 Feb
Online Exhibition Competition on Wealth From Waste
19 Feb
Role Play on Indian Science & Scientist
19 Feb
Participate in Competition on Short Movie on Science Awareness
13 Feb
Budget Analysis 2021-22