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Institution's Innovation Council

About MoE's (Ministry of Education’s) Innovation Cell (MIC):

Ministry of Education, Govt. of India has established an ‘Innovation cell’ with a purpose of systematically fostering the culture of Innovation in all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across the country. MIC focuses on creating complete ecosystem which provides the culture of Innovation across all educational institutions from ideas generation to pre-incubation, incubation and graduating from the incubator as successful start-ups. MIC also works on designing ranking system to identify institutions in the forefront of innovation. Ministry of Education has established ‘MoE’s Innovation Cell’ with the mandate to work closely with our Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to encourage the creative energy of our student population to work on new ideas and innovation and promote them to create start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures.

About IIC:

An Institutional Innovation Council (IIC) at a university is typically a body or committee established to foster and support innovation within the institution. The primary goal of an IIC is to promote a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity among students, faculty, and staff. The council serves as a platform to encourage and facilitate various innovative activities and initiatives on campus.