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About IEEE

IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community through its highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.

About IEEE Kalinga University Student Branch (IEEE KU SB)

About IEEE Kalinga University Student Branch (IEEE KU SB) IEEE Student Branch of Kalinga University was established on 4th April, 2022. IEEE Student Branch of Kalinga university is a part of IEEE Madhya Pradesh Section. The Objective of IEEE KU SB is to enhance the learning experience of the student community and develop a research environment among Faculty members. The Student Branch focuses on conducting social and technical activities for students, and also encourages the students to take full advantage of the benefits of IEEE membership, including scholarships, competitions, and conference grants. The Student Branch also intends to provide opportunities for students to network with peers in other institutes, academicians, professionals, engineers, and scientists through the on campus IEEE Student Branch and the Local IEEE Section, thereby encouraging students to be a part of the global IEEE community.

Student Branch Code: STB60204569 Student Branch Executive Committee
S.No. Name Designation IEEE Membership Number
1 Dr. Vijayalaxmi Biradar IEEE KU SB Mentor 92478983
2 Mr.Omprakash Dewangan Branch Counsellor 98295023
3 Parasmani Thakur Chairperson 98338674
4 Nihal Adhikari Vice Chairperson 98338674
5 Jivan Jyoti Secretary 98340496
6 Aditya Treasurer 98376165
7 Durgesh Kr. Singh Web Master 98407527
8 Bigit Krishna Goswami Web Master 98425291

About Kalinga University IEEE Women-in Engineering Affinity Group (WIE AG):

The IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group (AG) of the IEEE Italy Section was born in December 2016 to promote and sustain the presence of women engineers in the Universities, industries and institutions at national level.

WIE is one of the largest international professional organizations dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists, and inspiring girls around the world to follow their interests in engineering.

Student Branch Code: SBA60204569 Student Branch WIE AG Executive Committee
S.No. Name Designation IEEE Membership Number
1 Dr. Vijayalaxmi Biradar IEEE WIE AG Advisor 92478983
2 Isha Singh Chairperson 98439557
3 Tanisha Parate Vice Chairperson 98338282

About Kalinga University IEEE Aerospace Electronics Systems Society: (AESS)

The mission of the AESS is to provide a responsive and relevant professional society that attracts, engages, aids, and retains a diverse set of members (age, culture, community – theoretical, managerial and applications) worldwide in the areas of our fields of interest as defined in our constitution. AESS will accomplish this through technical, chapter and society activities in the areas of conferences, publications, education, technical operations, industry relations, and member services.

Student Branch Code: SBC60204569 Student Branch AESS Executive Committee
S.No. Name Designation IEEE Membership Number
1 Dr. Vijayalaxmi Biradar IEEE WIE AG Advisor 92478983
2 Jivan Jyoti Chairperson 98439557
3 Aditya Vice Chairperson 98338282


1 Dr. Sandeep Gandhi Registrar 98351269
2 Dr. Vijayalaxmi Birader IEEE KU SB Mentor 92478983
3 Mr. Rahul Mishra DAA 98299084
4 Mr.Omprakash Dewangan Branch Counsellor 98295023
5 Dr.Smita Premanand Assistant Professor 98478199
6 Dr. N. K. Dhapekar HOD - B.Tech C.E 98636483
7 Mr. Shailesh M. Deshmukh Assistant Professor 96805721
8 Mr. Anup Kr. Jana Assistant Professor 98636455
9 Mr. Pankaj Tiwari Director Corporate Relations 98635286
10 Sarat Chandra Mohanty Assistant Professor 98636486
11 Dr.Abhishek Tripathi Dean C&M 98661037
12 Dr.V.C.Jha HOD Mech. Engg. 98660781
13 Parasmani Thakur B.Tech - Civil 98338674
14 Nihal Adhikari B.Tech - Civil 98338674
15 Jivan Jyoti B.Tech - Civil 98340496
16 Aditya B.Tech - Mechanical 98376165
17 Durgesh Kr. Singh B.Tech - Civil 98407527
18 Isha Singh BBA 98439557
19 Tanisha Parate B.Tech - Electrical 98338282
20 Md. Saif Ali Diploma - Electrical 98338674
21 Yashsvi Shrivastava M.Tech - Power System Control 98338290
22 Amrita Choudhury M.Tech - Power System Control 98338357
23 Vishal Yadav B.Tech - Civil 98338688
24 Ajay Kr. Pandey MCA 98336380
25 Mahendra Kr. Kaushik MCA 98336728
26 Chhaya Banjare B.Tech - Computer Science 98336762
27 Khushi B.Tech - Computer Science 98336713
28 Avinash Dewangan M.Sc Maths 98336693
29 Kushal Kolte B.Tech - Mechanical 98384151
30 Himanshu Das B.Tech - Mechanical 98384161
31 Adarsh Singh B.Tech - Mechanical 98384154
32 Ritisha Nayak B.Tech - Computer Science 98401989
33 Bigit Krishna Goswami B.Tech - Computer Science 98425291
34 Tanmoy Saha B.Tech - Computer Science 98421306
35 Aniket Raj B.Tech - Computer Science 98421197
36 Shudhanshu Ranjan B.Tech - Electrical 98421149
37 Gopal Kr. B.Tech - Computer Science 98421413
38 Ramesh Regmi B.Tech - Computer Science 98421254
39 Prachi Kushwaha B.Tech- Computer Science 98456669
40 Vijay Kr. Sahu B.Tech - Computer Science 98458773
41 Akash kr. Sharma B.Tech - Mechanical 98493771
42 md. Sahil Sheikh B.Tech - Mechanical 98639342
43 Sachin Kr. Singh B.Tech - Mechanical 98639295
44 Viraj Minj B.Tech - Mechanical 98639032


S. NO. Name of the Activity Project/Event Coordinator Funding Organization Amount in USD
1 Teachers Congress- Towards Capacity Building Dr.Vijayalaxmi Biradar IEEE Region 10 Educational Activities 250
2 Social Ideas Enterprise challenge Dr.Vijayalaxmi Biradar IEEE Region 10 Educational Activities 200
3 Developing a video in Hindi Language of IEEE Resume Lab usage and access to build a professional resume Dr.Vijayalaxmi Biradar IEEE Region 10 Educational Activities 200
4 Workshop On “Teaching Science Holistically: Rural School Teachers” Dr.Vijayalaxmi Biradar IEEE Region 10 Educational Activities 150
5 IEEE Congress Dr.Vijayalaxmi Biradar
Mr.Pankaj Tiwari
Mr.Anup Kumar Jana
Mr.Sarat Chandra


S. NO. Name of the Event Date of the Event
1 IEEE KU SB Inauguration 4th April, 2022
2 IEEE Logo Making Competition 25th April, 2022
3 Seminar On IEEE Women In Engineering(WIE)- Towards Technology & Leadership 27th April, 2022
4 Workshop on IOT 9th May, 2022 to 13th May, 2022
5 Incubation Project Exhibition 5th July, 2022
6 Social Idea Enterprise Challenge 29th Aug, 2022
7 Teaching Science Holistically Rural School Teacher 2nd – 3rd Sep, 2022

Contact Details:

  • Dr. Vijayalaxmi Biradar – 7471125930
  • Mr. Omprakash Dewangan- 7024133429
  • Mr. Paras Mani Thakur – 9155563014
  • E-Mail: ieeeku@kalingauniversity.ac.in
  • Website: www.kalingauniversity.ac.in