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Student Development

Career Development

In the changing global scenario, a suitable job is of paramount importance for the students graduating from any discipline. We, at Kalinga University, have a full-fledged Training and Placement Cell working towards the fulfilment of the students' aspirations of having the best professional career.

The T&P Cell at KU is an outstanding initiative to provide a comprehensive array of services and support to its students that will assist them in their life-long Career Development and Placement. The Cell acts as a central hub for the overall development of the students aiming for the final placement and is a storehouse of all the information and resources.

Extended Learning Opportunities

T&P Cell at KU is an intermediary between the corporate world and our students to provide adequate guidance for the career of their choice and access to employers by generating ample opportunities for placements as well as bringing awareness to the faculties and students to prepare according to the changing demands of the industry. It also maintains an ongoing corporate networking programme to place students and ensures a continuing flow of placement opportunities.

The T & P Cell of the University has been set up to look after the Industry-Academia interface so that the students can be groomed into industry-ready Technocrats. It not only acts as a facilitator for training and placement but also works towards the overall development of the engineering, management, humanities, information technology, pharmacy, law, commerce & science students. T&P Cell is well equipped with excellent infrastructure to support each and every stage of the placement processes.

The Training and Placement Team at Kalinga University is dedicated towards achieving 100% placement record and leaves no stone unturned in preparing Recruitment schedule of the year by inviting HR Teams from all the corporate sectors to ensure smooth functioning of the Campus-Recruitment process.

Simultaneously, numerous Training programs, Workshops, Seminars, Industry Interactions, and Industry Visits are organized parallel with regular one-on-one counselling of students facing difficulties in interviews. Faculty Development Programs are conducted concentrating on 360-degree improvement in students' performance through Skill Development of the Faculty. Also, it encourages Innovative Ideas and Entrepreneurship Development with the intent of making Job-Creators apart from Job-Seekers.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Kalinga University has counselling facility available for students. Personal & Career Counselling services are provided to students to help them to draw their road map to the future journey of their dream career. As the students are at different stages of life & find it difficult to choose the successful career option as per their abilities and the skill sets they own. The counselling team helps them to guide in their path in such difficult situations by providing guidance and also help them to acquire the skills they need.

Soft Skills Development

With the ever-increasing competition, a quintessential component such as Soft Skills is of paramount importance for a successful career of students who wish to succeed in their career and have better job prospects. It is now well-established that many students who otherwise perform well in the traditional examination may not be very sound in their Communication Skills. Hence, the sole objective of Soft-Skill training program is to assist students in inculcating Soft Skills and developing their Personalities, in order to empower and raise their awareness of the dynamic milieu.

Kalinga University focusses on Soft Skills and Personality Development of all students. It is part of the curriculum & regular sessions are conducted by In-house & guest faculties. This helps our students to augment their employability and potential and face challenges of the present times.

Soft Skills Development
Language Labs

Language Lab

The English language laboratory at Kalinga University is state of the art, well-furnished lab with updated system configuration for a profound learning experience, where students can tune their listening as well as speaking skills. Language Lab proves to be an effective methodology for teaching and learning a language especially the key areas like Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammar and Vocabulary. It also facilitates the role of the teacher in creating an attractive learning environment and conduct interesting presentation sessions to enhance the flair for speech and language. This results in increased confidence of the students and prepares them to face the job interviews also.

Bridge Courses

Bridge courses are conducted in various courses wherever student has shown weakness during admission process. The Bridge courses of the University have a well-defined syllabus. The purpose is to bring them at par with the rest of the students of the class. Some of the bridge courses are offered in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English.

Bridge Courses
Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation

The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual's mind, body and soul. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind; it helps manage stress and anxiety and keeps one relaxing. Kalinga University at its campus has a Yoga room for all its students, both boys and girls. Regular sessions are conducted for the students by a well-qualified yoga trainer at the campus.

Competitive Examination Coaching

The extended learning facility for students at Kalinga University helps the students to get prepared for higher studies in India and abroad. This facility is available for students from first year only. Students can choose the courses as per their interest. Every year lot of students get enrolled in various courses and get benefit out of this. Classes are held during the weekends. Various agencies are allowed to run the courses inside Kalinga campus in various disciplines. Different seminars are also organized to promote and give awareness for higher studies. Coaching is given for various exams like GATE, GRE, GMAT, CAT. IAS, UPSC, IELTS, TOFEL, IBPS, PSC, SSC, NET etc.

Approved Agencies: Career Launcher, NIIT, BT & NIBF.

Personal Counselling
Remedial Coaching

Remedial Coaching

Kalinga University offers remedial courses in which extra time is given to students who are slow learners in class by scheduling separate sessions. Additional assignments are given to them to strengthen their concepts and understanding in the course. Faculty members and programme co-ordinators regularly review academic progress and counsel students to improve performance and ensure academic growth. Special measures are taken to support advanced as well as slow learners, such as:

Slow Learners – Adequate Support is provided to slow learners to overcome academic difficulties by:

  • Organizing Extra Classes during the semester
  • Organizing bridge course at the beginning of semester
  • Giving practice assignments
  • Organizing Guided Self Study Course classes
  • Providing extra reading material to improve basic understanding of subject
  • Engaging in social activities/class activities/institution activities to develop social skills
  • Group learning exercises
  • Student Information System
  • Time to time interaction with counsellor for counselling the students.
  • Bi-lingual explanation is given whenever it is necessary.
  • Re-explain the critical topics for improved performance.
  • Poor performance due to frequent absenteeism is dealt by informing to the parents through sending
  • SMS and letters to the parents of such students.
  • Counselling and mentoring sessions conducted in a friendly way to help the students to overcome their psychological problems and achieve their goals successfully.

Advanced learners - In order to support the fast learners, it is ensured that:

  • They are given additional/challenging assignments/ project work
  • They are encouraged to participate in various symposiums like quiz, poster presentation, conferences, inter institution competition etc.
  • They are also given opportunities to do project work
  • They are given opportunities to involve themselves in writing research papers.
  • They are groomed to represent the institution in inter collegiate events/ Youth festivals at State and National level.
  • They are given opportunities to plan and organize fests and events. This gives them a chance to
  • Interface with the academia and industry experts.
  • Advance learners are given opportunities like peer tutoring in academic sessions.

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