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Director General Message

The expert in anything was once a beginner,
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It is my proud privilege today to chronicle the achievements of Kalinga University stepping on the stones of success day by day.

Our primary goal is of meeting the educational needs of students in the region fulfilled to the best of our abilities, in world class infrastructure facilities and the teaching methodologies along with a peaceful environment that makes them comfortable during the time they spend here. To that extent, special efforts have been made to provide such an enabling environment. Be it a value system that reflects the best of the values from the region, to a diet that is both familiar and healthy to a vast majority of them. Kalinga caters to the best of all the expectations of an aspiring student.

The learning atmosphere provided in Kalinga University is of great significance to interactive learning and two-way communication processes, thereby making the learning environment sincere and responsive. With teachers who are acknowledged experts in their fields, it is an environment that combines the best of pedagogy with an encouragement to ask and be curious. Today, when the work environment demands a lot more beyond just knowledge and marks, a lot of emphasis is laid on the overall personality development of the students so as to foster in them the necessary drive and confidence to meet the demands and challenges of the modern world.

I invite you to prepare yourself for the opportunities of the new millennium at Kalinga University with its mix of academic offerings and qualifications in established as well as emerging areas. I assure you all to provide an optimum mix of competitive academic inputs, open mindedness and learner-focused set up. It is, therefore, very essential that you choose a program, which meets your aptitude, capability and capacity.

Welcome to a holistic value based learning experience!

Best Wishes
Dr. Byju John
Director General