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Sports and Cultural Activities

Kalinga University is located at Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh that spreads over 35 acres of lush green campus enveloped with serene beauty. Over 5000 students along with about 200 international students and above 350 Faculty members from different states of the country come from various cultural backgrounds who carry forward their rich cultural diversities. The University takes extra effort in providing an inclusive environment for all the students and employees. Tolerance and Harmony to cultural, regional, linguistic, communal socio-economic and other diversities is best achieved by the major events like Diwali Celebration, Holi Celebration, Navratri celebration, Saraswati pooja, Hindi Diwas celebration, Yoga Day, World Human Rights Day, International Cultural Diversity Day, Annual function showcasing the cultural and folk dances and songs of international and national students etc. at University level. Students give various performances depicting various cultural and heritage aspects of the various state through their performances in Kalinga Utsav at the campus level which also support and propagate the idea of diverse cultures. The events in Annual functions have given opportunities to students from various state backgrounds like Haryana, North East states, Southern states and all across India to showcase their rich dance forms, culture and beliefs. These events have also seen fusion performances of all cultural dances and drama performances. Regional events are also celebrated at the campus especially Teeja, Hareli etc. The colorful Holi is celebrated with Flowers and organic colours on the campus. The University has also celebrates Hindi Diwas and state formation days Day over the years wherein the rich culture of the state and the country have been highlighted through various debates, posters and essay competitions for students. All the festival ceremonies are celebrated together by students and faculty members. A room is dedicated to the students of Afghanistan for offering Namaz and the University puts special efforts to celebrate Christmas and Eid with the students from South Korea, Africa, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Socially connect with rural people residing in and around the University campus is also encouraged by respecting their cultural, communal, socioeconomic and linguistic values of the locals.

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