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National Council for Teacher Education

National Council for Teacher Education

S. NO. Name Link
A National Council for Teacher Education https://ncte.gov.in/Website/Index.aspx
B hyperlink of council’s


C Details of sanctioned programme along with annual intake https://kalingauniversity.ac.in/ncte_programmelist.php
D Details of faculty (with scale of pay, photographs https://kalingauniversity.ac.in/ncte_faculty_details
E Details of students https://kalingauniversity.ac.in/ncte_students_details
F Details of available infrastructure facilities


G Fees Details https://kalingauniversity.ac.in/ku/fee_structure/
H Facilities added during the last quarter


I Number of books in the library, referred Journals subscribed to, and addition, if any, in the last quarter https://kalingauniversity.ac.in/libraries.php
J Details of instructional facilities such as laboratory and library https://kalingauniversity.ac.in/laboratories.php
K Balance sheet as on the last date of the last financial year https://kalingauniversity.ac.in/balancesheet.php
L Income and expenditure account for the last financial year https://kalingauniversity.ac.in/income&expenditureaccount.php
M Receipt and payment account for the last financial year https://kalingauniversity.ac.in/receipt&paymentaccount.php
N Details of biometric data https://kalingauniversity.ac.in/biometricdata.php