Kalinga University Raipur, Best University in Chhattisgarh UGC-approved



Kalinga University, Raipur is a NAAC B+ accredited University and the Only Private University in Chhattisgarh ranked in Top 151-200 Universities in NIRF Ranking 2021 and has emerged as a centre of excellence of higher education in Central India. Strategically located in the Smart City of New Raipur, this University has started carving a niche for itself in the education domain and is rising as a shining star on the horizon of quality education.


  • The main objective of this program is to encourage the bright and well-motivated students of self and different institutions to pursue innovative research and development of project work.

  • This enables the trainees to gain first-hand knowledge, especially working skills with sophisticated instruments frequently used in research setup and the biotech industry.


Duration : 45 Days

Time : 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Program Fee : Rs 10,000/-

Date : 4th July- 20th August 2022 | Monday to Saturday

Venue : Kalinga University

Note :

1. Accommodation facility is available on chargeable basis: Rs 10,000/- for 45 days inclusive of Food (Air Cooled, 3 Meals per day & other amenities).

2. Transport Facility available from common pickup point (Free).


  • Help the students develop the skills and employability competencies.

  • It provides an opportunity for students to apply theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom with practical application of knowledge required to perform a task.

  • It gives the a feel of how their work environment will be when they get employed. Industrial training also gives the exposure to students on the tools used in the Industry.

  • Developments of in-hand biological science process skills enable students to better understand science and perform better during interviews. As practical skilled knowledge is the most important aspect of technology-driven science like Biotechnology or Bioinformatics.

  • Internships provide students numerous perks: They gain experience, develop skills, make connections, strengthen their resumes, learn about a field, assess their interests & abilities and land up in desired jobs.


STEP 1 :

1. Account Name: Kalinga University
2. Bank Name ICICI bank
3. A/c No.: 390701000010
4. IFSC Code No. ICIC0003907

STEP 2 :

  • Take screenshot of the payment & send it to cif@kalingauniversity.ac.in

STEP 3 :

  • Fill out the registration form with all the necessary information.


Dr C.K. Sharma I Dean - Faculty of Science, Kalinga University

Dr. Sushma Dubey I HOD, Department of Biotechnology


7024133428 | cif@kalingauniversity.ac.in


BENEFICIAL FOR - Students of UG/PG Programs & Research Scholars of Biotechnology, Botany, Zoology, Pharmacy, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics & other Life Sciences.


Module I – Microbiology

S. NO. Topics Duration
01. Media Preparation 7 Days
02. Sterilization 7 Days
03. Serial Dilution 7 Days
04. Pour Plate Method 7 Days
05. Spread Plate method 7 Days
06. Culture Broth Preparation 7 Days
07. Growth Kinetics of Microbes (Grams Staining, Acid Fast Staining & Endospore Staining) 7 Days
08. Casein Hydrolysis test 7 Days
09. Antibiotic Sensitivity Test 7 Days

Module II - Molecular Biology

S. NO. Topics Duration
01. DNA Isolation from Bacteria 12 Days
02. DNA Isolation from Bacteria 12 Days
03. DNA Isolation From Plant Leaves & Electrophoresis 12 Days
04. RNA Isolation From Leaves 12 Days
05. Formaldehyde Gel Electrophoresis 12 Days
06. Quantification of genomic DNA & RNA 12 Days
07. PCR Amplification & Its Electrophoresis 12 Days
08. Multiplex PCR & Its Electrophoresis 12 Days

Module III – Biochemistry

S. NO. Topics Duration
01. Isolation of Protein From Different Sources 7 Days
02. Protein estimation by Lowry's Method 7 Days
03. Separation of Amino acids by Thin Layer Chromatography 7 Days
04. Separation of Compounds by Paper Chromatography 7 Days
05. Formaldehyde Gel Electrophoresis 7 Days
06. purification by Column Chromatography 7 Days
07. purification by Column Chromatography 7 Days
08. Estimation of Amino Acid 7 Days

Module IV - Recombinant DNA technology

S. NO. Topics Duration
01. Sequence retrieval 12 Days
02. Primer Designing 12 Days
03. L.B. Broth Preparation & Sterilization 12 Days
04. Culturing & Multiplication 12 Days
05. Plasmid DNA Isolation 12 Days
06. Electrophoresis 12 Days
07. PCR 12 Days
08. Restriction Digestion 12 Days
09. Ligation and Competent Cell Preparation 12 Days
10. Transformation and Screening of Transformants 12 Days

Module V - Basic Bioinformatics

S. NO. Topics Duration
01. Introduction to Bioinformatics & NCBI 7 Days
02. Study of Various file Formats 7 Days
03. Sequence retrieval from Databases 7 Days
04. Alignment of Sequences Using BLAST 7 Days
05. Primer Designing for a given Sequence 7 Days
06. Protein Modelling tools: Rasmol, Swiss Protein Data Bank Viewer 7 Days