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B.A. (Film Making)

The B.A. (Film Making) has been developed with the intent to create a fascinating opportunity for the youth to pursue their aspirations in contemporary film making that is at par with global standards of cinematic excellence.
Film making is a process in which a motion picture is produced. Film making incorporates a number of complex stages, starting with the initial idea or story, then it continues through writing and development, casting, pre-production, shooting, sound recording, post-production and screening.
Film making occurs in a variety of genres like comedy, horror, acting, drama and fantasy around the world. Nowadays most films are digitally produced, so it is important to learn new tools and techniques because of competitiveness in the new era of film making.
'Cinema is the art of sharing stories that can spark the imagination of its viewers, act as a medium of positive change and serve as sources of joy and entertainment.’

Important Aspects of Film Making Workshop

Direction, Cinematography, Screenwriting, Editing, and Animation.

Learning Goals of the Workshop

Day 1. Cinematography and Animation
Day 2. Acting


  • History of Cinematography
  • Processing of image
  • Eye and I
  • Text to image
  • Vision v/s Availability
  • Real to reel
  • Visual Aesthetic
  • Lighting
  • Colors
  • Collaboration and storytellers
  • Collaboration with Artist
  • Tools


  • History to evolution
  • Introduction
  • Breakdowns of Existing excellence
  • Fields
  • Tools
  • Text to sketch
  • Finding your tool
  • Understanding of tool
  • Mastering of tool
  • Different shortcuts or techniques
  • Working with team
  • Pipe line
  • Camera & light
  • Cheating the camera
  • Compilation
  • Digital Camera Projection


  • You as tool
  • Affection and motivation
  • The formats and the methods
  • Techniques and Shortcuts
  • Collaboration
  • Mood
  • Understanding of text
  • Understanding of subtext
  • Action and reaction
  • Dialogue and dialect
  • Culture
  • The human
  • The nature & geography
  • Traveling
  • The contemporary world
  • The history
  • The life outside and inside
  • The paper and its text
  • Translation
  • Love and hate
  • Like and dislike
  • The camera/the stage

Upon successful completion of this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Learn and demonstrate competency in all aspects of broadcast productions.
  • Demonstrate competency in technical aspects of productions.
  • Interpret video footage for selective editing (Story telling).
  • Produce videos in a professional manner using digital non-linear editing techniques.
  • Use light and sound techniques to enhance video productions.
  • Create an animation in After Effects.
  • Create compositions through the use of transparency.
  • Analyze complex visual effects in movies.
  • Create work flows for the creation of basic visual effects.

Our Vision is to be the most preferred partner of choice for those who aspire to become future ready film makers by delivering quality content through cost effective means.

Program & Eligibility

Program B.A. Film Making workshop
Start Date 19th May 2023
Course Duration Day 1. Cinematography and Animation
Day 2. Acting
Admissions criteria Candidates pursuing /cleared XII standard or higher education are eligible for the workshop.
Fees Rs. 500/- for each day and Rs. 600/- for accommodation per night.
Food Workshop fee includes lunch for all the participants. Dinner and breakfast for those opted for accommodation.
Transportation Free from Marine Drive (city office) to Kalinga University and back.
Certificates Participation Certificates will be given to all.

Career Options

  • Participants will have exposure to film making and may opt for a promising career as Director, Script Writer, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Designer, VFX Supervisor, Animator, Digital Intermediate Artist and Actor.

Chief Patrons

  • Dr. Rajeev Kumar
    Kalinga University, Naya Raipur

  • Dr. Sandeep Arora
    Kalinga University, Naya Raipur


  • Dr. Byju John
    Director General,
    Kalinga University, Naya Raipur

  • Dr. R. Shridhar
    Vice Chancellor,
    Kalinga University, Naya Raipur

  • Dr. Sandeep Gandhi
    Kalinga University, Naya Raipur


  • Ms. Shreya Dwivedi
    Asst. Prof.,
    Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Mr. Nitesh Jha
    NIIRA Educom


  • Mr. Rajkumar Das
    Asst. Prof.,
    Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication

  • Mr. Sheikh Abdul Kadir
    Asst. Prof.,
    Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication

  • Ms. Tuhina Choubey
    Asst. Prof.,
    Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication

  • Ms. Geetika Bramhabhatt
    Asst. Prof.,
    Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication

Contact Details

  • Ms. Shreya Dwivedi
  • Mr. Nitesh Jha


1. Video editing beginner course at "Masterg Academy " worth 1500/- is Absolutely free for all the participants.

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