Kalinga University Raipur, Best University in Chhattisgarh UGC-approved


Kalinga University, apart from providing excellent academic services to thousands of students, aims to make a positive social impact on the community.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Kalinga University has evolved and over the years the University community, students and faculty have actively participated in outreach program initiatives where they contribute their knowledge, skills and technical expertise to the society.

In this context, several innovative programs in the areas of health, education, knowledge, environment, etc are being executed and are a continuous process at Kalinga University. These innovative programs are developed bearing in mind the local cultural context and the needs of people.


  • The transport fees provided to the students (who avail the facility) are at subsidised rates. The bus route cover distances of up to 70 KM (one way) to facilitate students situated in farthest places of the state, making it possible for them to gain education.
  • The University offers Scholarship to meritorious students and to those students who belong to the special categories. Click here for details http://www.kalingauniversity.ac.in/scholarship.php
  • Absorption of fees or providing appropriate sponsor(s) to those students who are discontinuing or leaving their education midway due to financial difficulties (case to case basis).
  • Taking up environmental initiatives by creating a green environment in and around the campus by planting 1000's of plants and trees and ensuring a regular upkeep of the same.
  • Kalinga University has set up Solar Panels generating 100 KV of electricity, which is directly linked to the grid.
  • For conservation of water resource, the University has initiated using re-cycled water for plants and trees.
  • The University's Life Science and Pharmacy Departments undertake various Blood Donation camps and make periodic visits to villages in the state for free medical consultations.
  • The University's Law Departments consisting of the Legal Aid Cell provides free legal consultancy to needy people who seek it.
  • The University's Fashion Design and Interior Design departments have taken various initiatives to promote Khadi within the state of Chhattisgarh.
  • Our various departments conduct free Faculty Development Programs (FDP), Management Development Programs (MDP) and knowledge dissemination programs at various schools, colleges, government departments, corporate and defence institutions.