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About Internship Program

● The main objective of this program is to encourage the bright and well-motivated students of Kalinga University and other institutions to pursue innovative research and development of project work.

● This enables the trainees to gain first - hand knowledge, especially working skills with practical techniques frequently used in Chemistry & Industrial Chemistry


● It helps the students develop skills and employability competencies.

● It provides an opportunity for students to apply theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom with practical application of knowledge required to perform a task.

● It gives a feel of how their work environment will be when they get employed. Research writing & case studies also give exposure to students on the tools used in the Industry.

● Developments of in-hand design process skills enable students to better understand Chemistry and perform better during interviews. As practical skilled knowledge is the most important aspect of technology-driven science like biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and analytical chemistry.

Who Should Attend

Beneficial For- Students of UG/PG Programs & Research Scholars of Chemistry.

Program Details

  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Date: 4th Jan - 30th June 2023
  • Monday to Saturday
  • Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Venue: Kalinga University
  • Program Fee: RS 25,000/-

Program Schedule

Month I
S.No. Topics Duration
01 Phyto Chemistry, Environmental chemistry
02 Complexation study of Cu (II) ion with biologically important amino acids.
03 Nano chemistry 22 Days
04 Chemical Biology
05 Material Science

Month II
S.No. Topics Duration
01 Natural product synthesis
02 Spectroscopy
03 Electrochemistry 24 Days
04 Medicinal Chemistry
05 Biochemistry

Month III
S.No. Topics Duration
01 Molecular Biology
02 Analytical Chemistry
03 Industrial Chemistry 26 Days
04 Synthetic Chemistry
05 Physical Chemistry

Month VI
S.No. Topics Duration
01 Polymer Science
02 Inorganic chemistry
03 Environmental Chemistry 24 Days
04 Estimation of Ferric ion in the given sample of Haemetite
05 Determination of sulphate by Turbidometric method

Month V & VI
S.No. Topics Duration
01 Determination of oil and grease in water sample by gravimetric method 50 Days
02 Research paper writing & Publications

Resource Person

  • Dr. Shilpi Shrivastava
    (HoD Chemistry & Applied Science)
  • Ms. Sarvaree Bano
    (Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry)
  • Dr. Preeti Pandey
    (Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry)
  • Ms. Priyanka Gupta
    (Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry)
  • Add Dr. Sanyogita Shahi
    (Professor, Department of Chemistry)



Steps For Registration

Step 1:

Participants have to make payment on the given bank details

Account Name: Kalinga University
Bank Name: ICICI bank
A/c No.: 390701000010
IFSC Code No.: ICIC0003907

Step 2:

Take screenshot of the payment & send it to shilpi.srivastava@kalingauniversity.ac.in

Step 3:

Fill out the registration form with all the necessary information