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Dr. Deepa Biswas is an Assistant Professor in Department of Botany at Kalinga University, New Raipur, Chhattisgarh and has over 12 years of experience in Teaching Under Graduate and Post-Graduate students. She is Ph.D. in Botany, M. Sc. (Botany), M. Phil (Bioscience) and B.Ed.

Her topic of research in Ph.D. was “Fungal Diversity in Relation to Various Habitats of Dandak Cave, Chhattisgarh”. Her area of expertise is in Plant Science. Her technical skills are basically in Biochemical Techniques, Microbiological Techniques, Fungal Identification and Plant Tissue Culture.

Dr. Biswas has the experience of working in many areas related to Member of Moderation Committee in Exam Cell, Departmental IQAC In-charge, Member of Cultural Committee and many such academic and non- academic works of the department.

She has published 1 book (Aluminium Stress on Germinating Seeds of Cicer arietinum; 2010) in International publisher, Lambert Academic Publishing and 3 papers in National and International Journals. She has presented 3 papers in National and International Conferences and also attended 13 Seminars &Conferences and 5 Workshops.

She has been Member of the Organizing Committee of 4 National and International Seminars. She is associated with many professional bodies like National Cave Research and Protection Organization, SBAM, etc.

Dr. Biswas has been a true mentor to many students and continuing to do so. Honesty, simplicity and sincerity are her greatest strengths. She has delivered many Guest Lectures in reputed organizations. She has been recognized as Resource Person in various Seminars.

She has been also invited in various Colleges affiliated to the Universities under Government of Chhattisgarh and various Private Universities as an External Examiner.