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Workshop/ Seminars

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Name of the workshop/ seminar Number of Participants Date
National Seminar on "Advanced Research" 89 27-08-2022
Workshop on “Components of Research Paper Writing”, 150 09-12-22
"How to write a Research Paper” Royal Mechanical Club Activity 21 16-09-2022
“How to write a good research paper” 11 30-09-2022
“Research Paper Writing” 76 10-07-22
Workshop of Research Paper Writing 101 13-10-2022
Research Policy Orientation 47 14-10-2022
"How to Write a Research Article” 56 21-10-2022
Research Paper Writing Workshop and Competition 130 07-11-2022 to 09-11-2022
"Research Tools & Techniques for Ph.D. Research Scholars” 37 17-12-2022
National Workshop on Data Analysis in Research using SPSS 77 02-1-2023 to 06-01-2023
"Online Lecture on HEI’s Research Office and Technology Transfer Organization (TTO): Synergistic Operations” 225 28-3-2023
"Research Methodology” 27 26-04-2023
"Role of IQAC in achieving quality and excellence in higher education by promoting research, innovation and extension activities" 162 28-04-2023 to 29-04-2023
MSME "Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp" 54 31-08-2022
Attitude and behavior for a being successful entrepreneur 62 13-04-2023
VJ Hackathon 2022 (Victory & Joy in Smart Innovations) 45 04-11-2022 to 05-11-2022
"Workshop on Design Thinking, Critical Thinking & Innovation Design" 186 1-2-2023 to 2-2-2023
Science Day Celebration 100 28-02-2023
Webinar on Creativity and innovation driving modern business 69 21-04-2023
Guest Lecture on “START-UP: What you should know before starting a Start-up” 50 02-08-23
Ideathon 2.0 200 14-11-2022 to 16-11-2022
Social Idea Enterprise 50 29.08.2022
National Start-up Day: Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship at KU 82 16.01.2023
Science & Technology Project Exhibition 241 22-06-2023 to 23-06-2023

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Name of the workshop/ seminar Number of Participants Date
Webinar on "Chhattisgarh: Land of opportunities with respect to entrepreneurship” 60 27.08.2021
National Webinar on Social-legal Parameters of Transgender Rights 157 03.09.2021
Talk on “How to conduct research on Medicinal Plants” 7 07.09.2021
Prastuti ( Research Paper Delving) 174 08.09.2021
Webinar on Startups and Intellectual property rights 35 08.09.2021
How to write a Research Paper 38 11.09.2021
Webinar on "Imperatives of witness Protection under criminal justice in India" 120 14.09.2021
Lecture on “An importance of research paper writing " 7 30.09.2021
National webinar on “Research Design and Methodology" 40 04.10.2021
Online Lecture on Scientific Research Paper Writing Department of Physics 24 04.10.2021
Webinar on "How to Write a Research Paper” Department of Chemistry 13 18.11.2021
Webinar on “IPR” 111 26.11.2021
National Webinar on “Startup for Engineers.” 76 17.12.2021
Webinar on Research Paper Writing and Poster Presentation 46 24.09.2022
Webinar "Recent Advancements in Nanomedicine Research" 70 29.09.2022
Guest lecturer on "Roadmap from innovation to startup" 30 20.10.2022
National Workshop on “Different Small Entrepreneurship inside Biotechnology Field” 50 28.10.2022
Guest Lecture on “Research Paper Writing and Poster Competition” 100 11.02.2022
Session on “First step for Research work” Department of Mathematics on 24th February 2022 10 24.02.2022
National Webinar on “Scientific way of Training and Research Methodology in Physical Education and Sports Science “ 173 25.02.2022
“How to Write a Research Paper” 27 26.02.2022
Workshop on Research Paper Writing 200 07-05-2017
‘Research Paper Delving’ 32 26.03.2022

Name of the workshop/ seminar Number of Participants Date LINK TO THE ACTIVITY REPORT
Online Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights, Emerging Trends, Issues & Challenges 286 17-04-2021 to 18-04-2021
Workshop on Role of Artifilical intelligence tools in the examination of intellectual property: what's there behind the scene 51 12-03-2021 to 13-03-2021
Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) & IP management for startup 47 30-03-2021 to 31-03-2021
Two Days workshop on Basics of IPR 69 17-07-2020 to 18-07-2020
National level online workshop on IPR-Patent & Design Process 82 25-11-2020
Workshop on IPR Drafting 116 14-11-2020 to 17-11-2020
Workshop on Research Methodology & Statistics 159 28-08-2020 to 30-08-2020
Workshop on Research Methodology & Research writing 127 04-02-2021 to 05-02-2021
Webinar on IPR & Geographical Indications 38 02-09-21
Webinar on Innovation & IPR: for Biotech start-ups and business incubators 41 28-01-2021
Two days national workshop on "IPR for computer related Inventions" 72 20-11-2020 to 21-11-2020

Name of the workshop/ seminar Number of Participants Date LINK TO THE ACTIVITY REPORT
Seminar on Worth and Effectiveness of Trademark 72 16-07-2019 to 16-07-2019
Workshop on "Research Methodology & Analysis" 110 24-07-2019 to 25-07-2019
Workshop on "Entrepreneurship Development" 70 07-08-2019 to 09-08-2019
Workshop on "Research Methodology" 125 14-10-2019 to 15-10-2019
Seminar on Where India stands in the World of IP 125 13-11-2019 to 13-11-2019
Seminar on Copyright and Plagiarism Issues 155 28-11-2019 to 28-11-2019
Workshop on "Research Methodology" 96 04-12-2019 to 06-12-2019
Seminar on Contents & Sectors that are Protected by Copyright 85 21-01-2020 to 21-01-2020
Workshop on "Entrepreneurship Development" 134 22-01-2020 to 23-01-2020
Workshop on Scientific Research Paper Writing 114 27-01-2020 to 27-01-2020
Seminar on Contents of Patent Filing 116 28-01-2020 to 28-01-2020
Seminar on Current Issues in Intellectual Property Rights in India 84 30-01-2020 to 30-01-2020
Seminar on Trends and Developments of Intellectual Property Rights 103 03-02-2020 to 03-02-2020
Seminar on How to Claim Copyright 130 06-02-2020 to 06-02-2020
Seminar on Consumer Rights Awareness 44 07-02-2020 to 07-02-2020
Seminar on Entrepreneurship & CSR for Social Development 58 26-02-2020 to 26-02-2020
Year (2018-19)
Date Professional Development Programs For Teaching & Non Teaching Staff.
06-07-2018 Is copyright a Human Right
10-07-2018 FDP Nature of the Employment Relationship.
10-07-2018 Trademark and Its inter-disciplinary relation with Copyright.
08-08-2018 FDP on "Research Methodology & Analysis".
06-12-2018 FDP on "Entrepreneurship Development".
09-12-2018 FDP Academic & Adminirative Audit.
09-01-2019 FDP on Bridging the gap between Corporate & Campus'.
16-01-2019 Efficiency of Irrigation Project for Sustainable Development.
16-01-2019 FDP on CMOS , Mixed Signal & Radio Frequency VLSI Design.
16-01-2019 FDP on "Research Methodology".
16-01-2019 Role of Legislature, Judiciary, and the Government in regulating the Intellectual Property Policy.
17-01-2019 Search Engine and copyright :How far a fair use defence.
18-01-2019 Environment - A Sustainable Development
21-01-2019 FDP on Development and Using Creativity in Learning.
25-01-2019 FDP on India: The Emerging International Economy.
28-01-2019 सांस्कृतिक एवं मूल्य संवर्धन में हिन्दी की भूमिका
30-01-2019 FDP on Globalization Privatization and their Impact on Economic Growth.
18-02-2019 Access to knowledge : The thin line between to copy or not to copy
28-02-2019 FDP on "Entrepreneurship Development"
08-08-2018 Duties, Responsibilities and Code of Conduct.
27-04-2019 रक्षात्मक चालन
11-05-2019 Etiquette and Behavioral Aspects.
03-06-2019 FDP Rights of Citizenship in india and Etiquette
06-06-2019 FDP General behavior and Etiquette.
08-06-2019 रखरखाव और देखभाल
09-06-2019 Make in India with speical reference to IPR
10-06-2019 FDP Linguistic Approach.
11-06-2019 IPR vis-à-vis Biotechnology
12-06-2019 A analysis on trade mark regime in India.
22-06-2019 Leaves, Social Security Benefits, Performance Evaluation.
30-06-2019 Parallel Imports and Trademark Infringement :An Indian Outlook.
Year (2017-18)
Date Professional Development Programs For Teaching & Non Teaching Staff.
01-07-2017 The ever evolving concept of copyright and the provisions of copyright act ,1957 with respect to it's fair use & dealing.
06-07-2017 Data Protection : Need for a legislation in India.
12-07-2017 Workshop on the Management of Intellectual Property in the book publishing Industry.
22-09-2017 FDP on "Research Methodology"
26-10-2017 FDP on "Entrepreneurship Development"
08-12-2017 Electrical & Magnetic Properties of Sound.
12-12-2017 FDP on Effective Teaching of Economics & History.
19-12-2017 राज भाषा हिंदी के प्रगामी प्रयोग
22-12-2017 FDP on Impact of Life Science in 21st Century.
26-12-2017 FDP on Mysore Kingdom Specially Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan.
30-12-2017 FDP Nature of the Employment Relationship.
06-01-2018 Intellectual Property and Cultural Heritage in Digital World.
17-01-2018 Data Analysis Using SPSS and Excel.
16-02-2018 A Regime of Intellectual Property Rights to a Regime of Distinctive Information .
06-04-2018 FDP on "Research Methodology".
19-02-2018 Limitations & expectations for libraries and Archmies under the copyright law .
12-05-2018 व्यवहार प्रबंधन
26-05-2018 Professional Email Writing Skills
02-06-2018 शून्यीकरण
04-06-2018 Recent Practice in Construction.
04-06-2018 Advancements in Material and Manufacturing.
07-06-2018 FDP on GDP Approaches and Challenges for Pharmaceutical Industries.
12-06-2018 FFDP on Media Selection and Optimization.
12-06-2018 FDP on Integration (Line, Area, Volume).
19-06-2018 FDP on Improving Teaching Skills in Networking Analysis.
22-06-2018 FDP on Effect of Peace & Human Values.
22-06-2018 FDP on the Terrorism in The Present Context.
22-06-2018 Trademark Laws & it's changing dimension
22-06-2018 FDP on "Entrepreneurship Development"
23-06-2018 Professional Letter Writing.
23-06-2018 Personality Development.
26-06-2018 FDP on Finance Pedagogy for Non Finance Professionals.
26-06-2018 Modern Management of the Intellectual Property system for Economic, Social and Cultural Development.

Year (2016-17)
Date Professional Development Programs For Teaching & Non Teaching Staff
15-07-2016 IPR Protection in the Context of Global Standard Setting Processes.
06-07-2016 FDP on 'Assessment of Teaching & Learning Processes'.
11-07-2016 FDP on Pharmacy Education Betterment for Society.
15-07-2016 FDP on Vector Calculus.
16-07-2016 FDP on "Entrepreneurship Development".
19-07-2016 FDP on Effective Communicating and Business Negotiations.
21-07-2016 Trial and Detention - A Violation of Human Rights.
21-07-2016 Does Speed Trump Intellectual Property?
07-10-2016 Use for Intellectual Property for Economic Growth and Competitiveness.
20-12-2016 FDP Nature of the employment Relationship conducted.
11-01-2017 FDP on "Changing Roles of Teachers in Changing Times"
16-01-2017 Entrepreneurship Development and Its Concept.
16-01-2017 FDP on "Java Programming Lab".
16-01-2017 MATLAB Applications in Power Engineering .
16-01-2017 Research Trends and Issues in Mechanical Engineering .
16-01-2017 Rights of Persons with disability to access to knowledge including copyrighted material .
16-01-2017 Economic Analysis of Intellectual Property.
18-01-2017 Concept of a copy right & its Intermediaries.
19-01-2017 FDP on Pharmaceutical Marketing Demand and Need.
19-01-2017 Plant variety protection & IPR.
20-01-2017/td> FDP on "Entrepreneurship Development"
21-01-2017 Novelty as criteria of patentability - Comparitive study.
23-01-2017 FDP on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
23-01-2017 Commercialization of traditional trade marks & overview
25-01-2017 Workshop on Conflict Management.
25-01-2017 Protection of multimedia work under copyright regime.
29-01-2017 Public Policy Patent in medical Instruments.
30-01-2017 FDP on Stock Market Analysis and Prediction.
30-01-2017 Exclusions & limitations of Patent Law.
21-04-2017 HR Policy.
21-04-2017 How to work on MS office.
28-04-2017 Workshop on Business Regulation.
03-06-2017 ड्रग और शराब के दुरुपयोग की रोकथाम और अभिलेख
12-06-2017 FDP on The Entrepreneurship Summit.
12-06-2017 Basic Writing Skills.
15-06-2017 Role of Civil Engineer in Agricultural Development.
15-06-2017 Should Intellectual Property be Protected in International Trade?
16-06-2017 FDP on "Research Methodology"
20-06-2017 Recent Trends in Automobile Engineering.
20-06-2017 Changing Dimension of Patent Laws in India.
21-06-2017 FDP on "Entrepreneurship Development".
26-06-2017 FDP on Advances in Extraction procedure and its utility.
30-06-2017 Workshop on Effective Delegation.
30-06-2017 Rights of Broadcasting Organisations :International development & implications in India .
Year (2015-16)
Date Professional Development Programs For Teaching & Non Teaching Staff
12-08-2015 Inter-Regional Development of Intellectual Property.
12-09-2015 Uniform domain dispute resolution Policy - Critical Analysis with IPR.
13-09-2015 FDP on "Entrepreneurship Development".
12-10- 2015 The Bright Side of Patents.
07-12-2015 FDP on "Research Methodology".
07-12-2015 FDP on "Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality" /
08-12-2015 Advances in Construction Techniques and Materials".
09-12-2015 Application of Soft Computing Techniques in Electrical Engineering ".
09-12-2015 FDP on Overview of Market Research in Current Scenario".
11-12-2015 FDP on Innovation and Creativity in Traditional Business.
11-12-2015 Intellectual Property Rights for Innovation in Information Technology.
14-12-2015 Law of Insurance and Consumer Protection".
15-12-2015 FDP on Rural Development and Good Governance.
16-12-2015 Theoretical Physics.
17-12-2015 FDP on Indian Economy: Opportunities and Challenges.
18-12-2015 FDP on Angiosperm Systematic and Taxonomy.
18-12-2015 FDP on "Research Methodology"
05-01-2016 FDP on "Research Methodology & Pathway to Thesis".
08-01-2016 Innovation Leadership Technique.
08-01-2016 Patent Law & Competition law : A Complementary yet tense Relationship.
15-01-2016 FDP on Role of India in New World Economic Order.
15-01-2016 FDP on "Research Methodology & Analysis"
19-01-2016 FDP on Indian Rebellion of 1857.
19-03-2016 Staff Training and Skills Development.
28-03-2016 Driving Rules & Safety.
01-05-2016 Copyright protection for computer generated works in the light of end user licensing agreement.
20-05-2016 FDP in Interpersonal Relationship with Students.
28-05-2016 Policies and System of Work Infrastructure.
07-06-2016 Modularity and Intellectual Property Protection.
Year (2014-15)
Date Professional Development Programs For Teaching & Non Teaching Staff
01-07-2014 Doctrine of dilution of trademark - effect on present scenerio.
05-07-2014 IPR Protection in the Context of Global Standard Setting Processes.
08-07-2014 Biodiversity and IPR- Effect on Indian Economy.
14-07-2014 FDP on "Research Methodology".
01-08-2014 FDP on "Entrepreneurship Development"
01-08-2014 Comparitive advertisement and trademark.
04-08-2014 Intermediaries for the IP Market.
06-08-2014 Judicial Activisim on Recent trends of Intellectual Property Rights.
01-09-2014 Client Privilege in Intellectual Property Professional Advice.
17-09-2014 Intellectual property Right & Competition policy.
27-09-2014 FDP on "Research Methodology".
06-10-2014 IPR in setting mandatory technical regulations.
06-10-2014 Open source software and copyright Interphase.
03-01-2015 History of Copyright in India.
07-01-2015 Sorting out the Patent Craze.
08-01-2015 Human Rights Issues in IPR.
10-01-2015 UDRP an passing off action for protection of domain name.
12-01-2015 Data protection - Need for Legislation in India
29-01-2015 Intellectual Property And Public Policy Issues.
21-03-2015 Work Environment Facilities.
23-03-2015 Traffic Rules.
25-04-2015 Technology Development.
30-04-2015 Workshop on Accident Management & Safety.
03-06-2015 Nature of the Employment Relationship Conducted.
03-06-2015 FDP Job Description and Payscale.
03-06-2015 FDP Employee Conduct and Ethics.
04-06-2015 FDP Quality Assurance Guidelines Conducted At Seminar Hall.
04-06-2015 FDP Employee Benefits Conducted at Seminar Hall.
04-06-2015 FDP Attendance and absenteeism Conducted At Seminar.
04-06-2015 FDP Wage and Hour Policy.
05-06-2015 FDP Corrective counseling and teminations.
05-06-2015 FDP Safety and Security.
05-06-2015 FDP Share your Experiences.
15-06-2015 FDP on "Moving towards Scholarly Teaching and Classroom Action Research".
15-06-2015 Developments in International Regime and Indian Copyright .
16-06-2015 Remediation of Self Affected Soil - A Case Study.
16-06-2015 Implications of Grant of Compulsory Licensing of Patent in India .
17-06-2015 FDP on Expansion of Series.
17-06-2015 Intellectual Property Development in Recent Years.
17-06-2015 FDP on Promotion and Protection of Human Right.
22-06-2015 Teaching for Creative and Critical Thought.
22-06-2015 FDP on "Research Methodology".
22-06-2015 Open standards & e- governance in India :Implications on IP protection and standards .
22-06-2015 FDP on How to Build up Confidence in Language?
23-06-2015 Does Intellectual Property have Gender?
24-06-2015 Experimental Physics.
25-06-2015 FDP on Chemical Sensor Technologies for Chemical Analysis and Materials Characterization.
26-06-2015 National Education Policy.
Year (2013-14)
Date Professional Development Programs For Teaching & Non Teaching Staff
06-01-2014 FDP on Effective Classroom Management
07-01-2014 FDP on "Technologies for Development of Rural Areas"
08-01-2014 FDP on IC Engines and Automobile Prototyping
09-01-2014 FDP on Recent Trend in Electrical Engineering: A Research Perspective
10-01-2014 FDP on Cyber Security on IOT and Cloud
13-01-2014 FDP on Properties and Application of Matrix.
14-01-2014 FDP on Emerging Trends and Challenges in Management.
15-01-2014 FDP on Tools and Techniques of Accounting.
16-01-2014 FDP on Promotion of Legal Education in this New Millennium.
16-01-2014 FDP on Acquiring Dramatical Proficiency for Teaching Excellence.
20-01-2014 FDP on Forced Vibration and Resonance.
21-01-2014 FDP on Boron Chemistry and Applications to the Cancer Treatment.
22-01-2014 FDP Battle of Heldighati And Panipat
23-01-2014 समाज निर्माण में हिन्दी का योगदान
24-01-2014 FDP on Invertebrate Zoology: Animals without Backbones.
27-01-2014 FDP on Plant Breeding and Horticulture.
09-06-2014 FDP on Teacher Training workshop
09-06-2014 'E-Learning: Challenges and Opportunities
10-06-2014 Ground water Development in India
10-06-2014 Energy Conservation Awareness
11-06-2014 FDP on GST and its role in development of economy.
11-06-2014 Recent HR Techniques in Management
13-06-2014 FDP on Digital Money and Growth of International Trade.
17-06-2014 FDP Employee Conduct and Ethics
17-06-2014 FDP Nature of the employment Relationship
17-06-2014 FDP Job Description and Payscale
17-06-2014 FDP Wage and Hour Policy
17-06-2014 FDP Attendance and absenteeism
18-06-2014 FDP Employee Benefits Conducted at Seminar Hall
18-06-2014 FDP Quality Assurance Guidelines Conducted At Seminar Hall
19-06-2014 FDP Safety and Security
19-06-2014 FDP Share your Experiences
19-06-2014 FDP Corrective counseling and teminations