Kalinga University Raipur, Best University in Chhattisgarh UGC-approved


Faculty/Department Name of The Conference National/intenational Date
Faculty of Arts & HumanitiesStrengthening Women Entrepreneurship for achieving sustainable development goalsNational06-10-2023 to 07-10-2023
Faculty of LawConstitutionalism and the Present Democracy: The Challenges AheadInternational27-10-2023 to 28-10-2023
IEEE 2023 World Conference on Communication & Computing (WCONF) International 14-07-2023 to 16-07-2023
Faculty of ScienceInternational Conference on Climate Change, Sustainable Development & Smart AgricultureInternational06-04-2023 to 07-04-2023
Faculty of ScienceNational Climate Change Conference on Suggestions and recommendations for fostering Adaptation and ResilienceNational3/17/2023
Faculty of TechnologyNational Conference on Advance Approaches in Pure and Applied MathematicsNational14-02-2023 to 15-02-2023
Faculty of LawRights of Differently Abled Person in IndiaNational23-11-2022 to 24-11-2022
Faculty of EducationNational Conference on Intellectual Property RightsNational15-02-2023 to 17-02-2023
Faculty of Pharmacy Current Scenario and Innovation in Pharma Industry for Drug Discovery and Development National 24/11/2022
Faculty of Commerce & Management The New Normal-Recent trends in Business and ManagementNational27-05-2023 to 28-05-2023
Faculty of TechnologyRecent Innovations in Engineering & TechnologyNational5/6/2023
Faculty of ScienceHodiernal Aspect of Science and Technology International24-02-2023 to 25-02-2023
Faculty Arts & HumanitiesGlobal Crisis in the Present ScenarioInternational02-12-2022 to 03-12-2022
Faculty of Commerce & Management Emerging Business and Technology Issues with Emergence of Industry 4.0National29-11-2022 to 30-11-2022
Faculty of PharmacyPharma Enclave 1.0National11/24/2022
Faculty of TechnologyRecent Innovations In Emerging Computing Technologies National14-11-2022 to 15-11-2022
Faculty of TechnologyRecent Innovations in Engineering & TechnologyNational5/6/2022
Faculty of CS&IT Recent Advancements in Engineering & Computing Technologies National 04-05-2022 to 05-05-2022
Faculty of Education Indian Culture And Modern Challenges of Education International 02-05-2022 to 03-05-2022
Faculty Arts & Humanities Women Leadership in Contemporary Scenario International 25-04-2022 to 26-04-2022
Faculty Arts & Humanities Over The Horizon Introspecting The Self in Flux National 15-11-2019 to 16-11-2019
Faculty of Science Advanced Material & Enviromental Science National 14-10-2019 to 15-10-2019