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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan & Deployment

One of the new trends of Kalinga University is Knowledge Creation that is arising from its association with innovation. The innovative strategies followed by the University are able to drive it to create talent and value. University thus explores ways to produce the source of knowledge that is integral to support innovation. As a part of knowledge creation, Kalinga University continuously transfers, combines and converts different types of knowledge as students learn, practice and interact.

Kalinga University believes in the overall growth of its students. It offers innumerable extracurricular facilities and provides varied platforms for students to learn, practice, amuse, enjoy, perform, compete and fruitfully utilize their time. As knowledge creation is an interplay between possession of knowledge and act of knowing, thus in order to make this interplay most fruitful, Kalinga University provides a supportive environment in areas where creativity and innovations are important. Knowledge sharing and knowledge creation thus go hand in hand at Kalinga University. Kalinga University provides right forums for sharing of knowledge thus enhances knowledge creation. The University offers innovative courses that allows brainstorming, trial and errors. The Faculties of the university are allowed the freedom to experiment and work in a virtually autonomous environment that works as a catalyst for innovation and knowledge creation. The students are free to try their hands on their new start ups that is supported by the university. Thus knowledge creation is one of the key area on which the university is working upon.

The University has adopted five villages (Kotni, Palaud, Kuhera, Parsada, Kotrabhata) and is developing Model Classrooms for effective teaching and learning in these villages .As a part of its extension activity the university is also providing scholarships to SC/ ST/ OBC candidates to strengthen the knowledge pool of the university in the nearby community. The students are exclusively trained to be entrepreneurs where many live projects are given to the students. Thus the talent pool of the university ensures knowledge creation, keeping in mind the inclusiveness of the society. With a vision of social transformation through technological innovation and mission of nurturing and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs for transforming their ideas into viable entrepreneurial initiatives through excellence and service, the university has established an exclusive incubation centre.

The primary purpose of the incubation centre is to facilitate the creation of ideas and inventions that benefit society and importantly, are commercially ready by the end of incubation program. The faculties of the university provide corporate engagement, structured mentoring and service partner tie-ups. The university is also utilizing its talent pool in developing Skill Pathshala in village Kotni for imparting training to the youth. The youth of the village is being trained for cooking, sewing and security services. The University is also providing employment opportunities to the youth of the nearby villages thus developing a strong inclusive environment.To summarise it is evident that the university is building a vibrant and inclusive society by developing talent and creating knowledge among its stakeholders.

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