Kalinga University has a strong and vibrant NCC (National Cadet Corps) programme which strives to:

  • Develop leadership, build strength of character, comradeship, spirit of sportsmanship and ideal of service
  • Create a force of disciplined and trained persons who could, in a national emergency, be of assistance to the country
  • Provide training to students with a view to developing in them officer-like qualities, thus also enabling them to obtain commissions in the armed forces.

NCC cadets are given the opportunity to participate in a host of adventure activities including Mountain Treks and Expeditions, Trekking, Parasailing, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Camel Safari, etc.


A. Students of Kalinga University have the opinion to join any one of the following NCC units:-

1. 8CG Girls Battalions (only for Girls)

2. NCC Air-Wing (Girls & Boys)

B. Several training aspects of NCC like Drill, Weapon Training, Annual Training Camps, etc are almost common for both the units.