Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 is a legislative Act in India that seeks to protect women from sexual harassment at their place of work.

Taking this into account, Kalinga University has set up the Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee with the objective:

  • To uphold women’s right to protection against sexual harassment and for the prevention and redressal of sexual harassment.
  • To promote a social, physical and psychological environment that will raise awareness about and deter acts of sexual harassment of women.
  • To organise gender sensitisation programmes.
  • To deal with cases of discrimination and sexual harassment against women, in a time-bound manner.
S.No. Name Position Designation
1 Dr. Asha Ambaikar DSW Head of the Committee
2 Mr. A. Vijayanand Chief Proctor Member
3 Dr. Namrata Shrivastava Faculty Member
4 Ms. Sarvaree Bano Faculty Member
5 Ms. Lincy Roy Non Teaching Member
6 Ms. Ankita Nihlani Non Teaching Member
7 Ms. Sanghamitra Lampusa (MA Engg. 2 Year) Student Representative Member
8 Ms. Shriya Mishra (LLB 4 Semester) Student Representative Member
9 Mr. Naresh Sharma Lawyer Member