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Rain Water Harvesting

The University has ensured that adequate measures are in place for Rain Water Harvesting (RWH), the process in this region warrants restricted roof top rain water harvesting in all hostel buildings of the University. Rain water is collected from rooftops of buildings from existing downpipes connected to a common header and led to a trickling sand filter tank. The filtered water is then used for domestic purposes after chlorination. Rainwater harvesting is also done by diverting storm water drains and run-off from rooftops to bore wells to recharge them. For this a pit is excavated around the dry bore well and the casing pipe is fitted with a V-wire filter. Storm water drains and roof top rain water are diverted into this pit. The rain water is duly filtered into the bore well through the v-wire filter.

In addition, being an eco-friendly campus, the University strives towards promoting water conservation by minimizing the University’s water consumption and monitor the same.