Kalinga University Raipur, Best University in Chhattisgarh UGC-approved

Plastic Free Campus

Universities can generate enormous amounts of plastic waste, which is toxic to people and the environment, and never goes away.

Kalinga University is a Plastic Free Campus. We aim to measurably reduce plastic waste and pollution in our campus and the world around us. To achieve this we have undertaken following steps:

  • a) Kalinga University has banned use of single-use plastics in canteens, cafes, Mini Market complex in the university premises and hostels, etc.
  • b) In regular intervals, we carry out awareness drives and sensitisation workshops on the harmful impacts of single-use plastics.
  • c) Encourage all students to avoid bringing non-bio-degradable plastic items to the University.
  • d) We encourage students to sensitize their respective households about the harmful effects of plastics and make their households also 'plastic-free'.
  • e) We have installed necessary alternative facilities like water units to avoid the use of plastic water bottles, and encourage the use of alternative solutions like cloth bags, paper bags, etc, instead of plastic bottles, bags, cover, and other goods on campus.