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List of Patents

S No Patent Application No. Inventor/s Name Title of the Patent Status of Patent (Published / Granted) Links
1 202121041552 Dr. Shilpi Bhattacharya Individual moral thinking towards environment issues and concerns with special reference to the Novels of Amitav concept through Attainment Model Published View
2 202121041550 Dr. Monika Sethi Experiential Learning for enhancing leadership skills in Graduate and Undergraduate students of Management. Published View
3 202121041548 Dr. Monika Sethi Total Quality Management (TQM)and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) in live projects of Graduate students of Management Published View
4 202121041558 Dr. Monika Sethi Experiential Learning for career development training for management students. Published View
5 202121041553 Dr. R Shridhar Driving experiecne simulation of two wheeler and four wheeler Published View
6 202121041557 Dr. R Shridhar Unique Bussiness Process Published View
7 202121041559 Dr. Byju John Reviewing of organization development interventions in organizations. Published View
8 202121041547 Dr. Byju John Strategic human Resource Mangement Published View
9 202121041556 Mr. Sandeep Mishra Image processing/Artificial intelligence/ Face recognition Published View
10 202121041551 Mr. Honey Gaur Design of performance Based concrete Using Sand Reclaimed from Construction and Demolition Waste Published View
11 202121041554 Ms. Rajni Yadav Development of coffee tablet for its skin rejuvenating effect. Published View
12 202021055414 Dr. Paritosh Dube advanced supply chain link performance and financial statement analyzer Published View
13 202021055415 Mr. Rahul Mishra intelligent dataset discovery in data analytics and machine learning algorithm Published View
14 202021055416 Dr. Shilpi Shrivastava intelligent method and process to extraction of silica from rice hulls Published View
15 202021055417 Mr. Sudeep Kumar herbal disinfectant (liquid, powder, semi- liquid) for pandemic condition (covid19) Published View
16 202021055418 Mrs. Shobha Singh Thakur analysis of the various schools of thought in relation to the meaning of law Published View
17 202021055419 Mr. Rahul Chawda advanced mobile ad hoc network (manet) providing connectivity enhancement system Published View
18 202021055420 Dr. M.S. Mishra human activity recognition using smartphone Published View
19 202021055421 Dr. Harsha Patil advanced quantum computing integrated development education environment using iot-based system Published View
20 340329-001 Mr. Om Prakash Dewangan multimodal sentiment analysis using machine learning techniques Published View
21 2021101308 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi removal of environmental pollution by enhanching growth of trichoderma using oligosaccharides extracted from gaddi sheep's milk. Granted View
22 2021106392 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi a novel octasaccharide structure isolated from gaddi sheep's milk (international) Granted View
23 2021106363 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi a novel octasaccharide structure isolated from gaddi sheep's milk and their bioactive properties (international) Granted View
24 2021106544 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi a novel heptasaccharide structure isolated from gaddi sheep's milk (international) Granted View
25 2021106439 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi a novel deccasaccharide structure isolated from gaddi sheep's milk (international) Granted View
26 2021104729 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi the biological importance of gaddi sheep's milk oligosaccharides (national) Granted View
28 202121038593 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi a novel nonasaccharide structure isolated from gaddi sheep's milk (national) Published View
29 202121033474 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi a novel octasaccharide structure isolated from gaddi sheep's milk and their bioactive properties (national) Published View
30 202121034415 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi a novel octasaccharide structure isolated from gaddi sheep's milk (national) Published View
31 202121035935 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi novel deccasaccharide structure isolated from gaddi sheep's milk (national) Published View
32 202121035936 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi a novel heptasaccharide structure isolated from gaddi sheep's milk (national) Published View
33 202021051896 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi gaddi sheep's milk oligosaccharides Published View
34 2021107484 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi a novel nonasaccharide structure isolated from gaddi sheep's milk (international) Granted View
35 201921050710 Mr. Deependra Soni novel phytoactive extracts based formulations of helicteres isora for muscular and nervine disorders Published View
36 202121007215 DR. Asha Ambhaikar aes and rsa-based hybrid algorithms for message encryption & decryption Published View
37 202121015868 DR. Asha Ambhaikar scalable data processing for prediction, batch computation and analysis and response times using google bigquery Published View
38 2021102602 DR. Asha Ambhaikar iot based device for social distancing to stop spreading coronavirus Granted View
39 2021106924 DR. Asha Ambhaikar smart refrigerator using iot and intelligent cloud for life expedience Granted View
40 202121056329 DR. Asha Ambhaikar secure communication for iot healthcare system using sidechain and trust based routing Published View
41 202121056328 DR. Asha Ambhaikar augmentation of e-voting information in side chains using machine learning: a high performance system design Published View
42 202121004801 DR. Asha Ambhaikar big data security enhancement based intrusion detection system using k-mean clustering of decomposited features Published View
43 202121037967 Dr.Sunil Kumar internet enabled single line electricity distribution & system Published View
44 202221031247 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi Eine Nicht-asaccharidische Rieose-Struktur, isoliert aus Gaddi Schafsmilch Published View
45 366069001 Dr. Shilpi Bhattacharya Ms. Anurima Das Application Accepted Certificate of Design not Generated Published View
46 202221031245 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi Eine neue Nicht-Asaccharid -Struktur, isoliert aus Gaddi Schafsmilch Published View
47 202221043674 Ms. Priyanka Gupta Mr. Gaurav Tamrakar Analysis of Heavy Metals & Physicochemical properties in Ground Water Published View
48 202221039183 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi An Undecasaccharide Riesose Structure Isolated From Gaddi Sheep Milk Published View
49 202221031401 Dr. Namrata Shrivastava impact of fdi inflows and exports on indian economy Published View
50 202221032041 Ms. Swati Agrawal environmental impact of leachate pollution of groundwater supply Published View
51 202221031565 Ms. Rajni Yadav development of hydrophilic herbal gel for xerosis Published View
52 202221032063 Mrs. Smita Premanand solution of weaver's survival problem in the handloom industry Published View
53 202221032060 Mrs. Shikha Tiwari Dr. Guddi Singh detection and recognition of drones based on deeplearning Published View
54 202221032548 Mrs. Kirti Sahu Tirpude Mr. Honey Gaur restoration of distressed foundation structures Published View
55 202221032547 Mr. Shashank Girepunje Mrs. Awantika Singh natural language processing on social media Published View
56 202221032059 Mr. Shailesh M Deshmukh design of microgrids for hybrid electric vehiclescharging stations. Published View
57 202221032061 Mr. Omprakash Dewangan Mr. Kailash Prasad Dewangan machine learning ALGORITHM & USAGE Published View
58 202221032057 Mr. Manas Rathore construction project management system & method Published View
59 202221032553 Mr. Mahesh Ahuja invention relates to an arrangement and a method forimproving power quality using dynamic voltage restorer Published View
60 202221032058 Mr. Kushagra Pandey logistic model for choice based behavior for airways andrailways travellers in indian context Published View
61 202221033066 Mr. Kapil Kelkar influence of social media on fashion industry Published View
62 202221031798 Mr. Honey Gaur replacement of coarse aggregates with jhamma bricksfor preparation of concret Published View
63 202221032549 Mr. Deependra Soni Dr. Sandip Prasad Tiwari herbal air microbes sterilizing stick and method ofpreparation thereof Published View
64 202221032040 Mr. Akshit Lamba design and seismic analysis of intze type water tank Published View
65 202221033069 Lt. Vibha Chandrakar unique devices used in fashion industry Published View
66 202221032062 Dr. Vineeta Diwan Dr. Sushma Dubey production and promotion of lotus fiber as aninnovation in handloom sector of chhattisgarh. Published View
67 202221032551 Dr. Shilpi Bhattacharya biopolitics: a blot on existing realities of gender, class,caste and sexuality with reference to salman rushdie’smidnight children and mahasweta devi’s mother of 1084 Published View
68 202221032550 Dr. Sandip Tiwari development of polymeric nanogel for atopic eczema Published View
69 202221031800 Dr. Rika Sharma Dr. Asha Ambhaikar data science in climate change Published View
70 202221032552 Dr. R. Shridhar Ms. Rajni Yadav herbal gel diffuser for nasal decongestion Published View
71 202221031561 Dr. Parakh Sehgal glowy the soapy-naturally herb based skin glowenhancer soap Published View
72 202221031245 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi Dr. Shirish Kumar a novel nonasaccharide structure isolated form gaddi sheep milk Published View
73 202121041555 DR. Sushma Dubey production and characterization of enzyme from different fungal species isolated from biodeteriorated painting of jogimara cave: a biotechnological aspect. Published View
74 202221031247 Dr. Sanyogita Sahi Dr. Shirish Kumar a nonasaccharide rieose structure isolated from gaddi sheep milk Published View
75 202221030119 Ms. Rajni Yadav herbal composition with antimicrobial activity Published View
76 202121013109 Mr. Pranjul Shrivastava a novel approach for the management of psoriasis Published View
77 202221031799 Dr. Asha Ambhaikar Dr. Rika Sharma iot in health care systems Published View
78 202221032546 Dr. Byju John performance appraisal systems Published View
79 202221032545 Dr. Byju John training need analysis Published View
80 202221033068 Dr. Khushboo Sahu celebrity brand endorsement an effective strategy togenerate sales Published View
81 202221033067 Dr. Krushna Chandra Dalai legal clinic tools and techniques appraisal Published View
82 202211056598 Mr. Swapnil Shukla Mr. Kunal Dewangan Design of Sustainable Laser Metal Depositaion of aluminium Alloys For Anti-Erosion in Automobile Industry Published View
83 202221036157 Dr. Asha Ambhaikar Multiprotocol support Medical Equipment Integration System Published View
84 356425-001 Dr. Shilpi Shrivastava heavy metal contamination detecting gloves Published View

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