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Seed Money

Seed Money

Research and developmental activities create and disseminate new knowledge in range of fields, promotes innovation and these will motivate better learning. Research is the foundation of knowledge that brings new energy, builds state of the art facilities, promotes research publications, develops collaborations and becomes part of active community that shares the mission objectives. Taking these into considerations, Kalinga University Seed Money Policy is made & implemented.

The Purpose of the Seed Money Policy is to create a vibrant atmosphere of research among faculty and researchers in Kalinga University.

Objectives of Seed Money Policy
  • To create an enabling environment within Kalinga University in order to foster a research.
  • Culture as well as provide required support through research framework and guidelines.
  • To nurture an environment of undertaking socially useful research with potential for commercialization.
  • For creating opportunities for teachers of the University to involve themselves in real life research projects and obtaining sponsorships.
  • To aid a faculty to start a research program that has the potential to sustain by attracting funds from external agencies.
  • To test a novel idea and to generate preliminary results before submitting proposals to external agencies.
  • To promote inter-faculty collaboration in emerging areas.
  • To promote generation of IPR and product/process development.
  • To attract and retain talent.

The University faculty members are encouraged to submit research proposals based on their innovative ideas. The applicant have to clearly and convincingly demonstrate that the proposed project represents a new research direction in an area likely to generate external funding.

The primary goal of this scheme is to support faculty members in developing research resources in the area of expertise and to develop innovative or interdisciplinary approaches or methodologies. The faculty members who have been appointed to a position of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor in Kalinga University are encouraged to apply for Seed Money Research Projects/Research Grant. Normally, the Seed Money Research Projects/Research grant shall be limited to Rs. One Lac however, in exceptional cases, it may go up to Rs. Three Lacs with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor.

Process: The applicant has to fill in the details related to the projects along with his/her personal details in the format given in Kalinga University Seed Money Policy and submit the form at the Office of Vice Chancellor, Kalinga University, Raipur after getting signed by concerned HOD and Dean Research.

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